National Institute for Museums

The National Institute for Museums (Narodowy Instytut Muzeów - NIM)

NIM is a state agency, established in 2011 by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage of Poland. We are responsible for creating and implementing national policy for museums and assisting them in their development. We also continue the work of our predecessor agency, addressing the protection of movable heritage.

Our mission is
• to foster development and innovation in the management of museums and public collections in Poland.

Our mission is achieved by:
• examining and proposing legislative solutions,
• granting support to museum institutions in all spheres of their activity,
• devising modern scientific, management and educational programmes
• amassing and popularising knowledge,
• building and updating an integrated system of information about museums and collections.

Our vision
Our goal is to create a modern and competent cultural institution with an open philosophy of activity, encouraging cooperation among museum professionals and all those who support the development of modern museology in Poland. We wish to become a forum for exchange of ideas and experiences among museum staff, as well as representatives from the worlds of science, art and business who, just like us, perceive museums as institutions with a huge potential to generate and influence social change.

The National Institute for Museums
ul. Goraszewska 7, 02-910 Warszawa
tel: 22 25 69 603


Guidelines for museums, art galleries and other cultural institutions operating in the field of cultural heritage policy and heritage protection in connection with the planned reopening of the state in light of the epidemic COVID-19.

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